We are thrilled to share our newest video series with you! Our seven-video series will teach you the basics of Copperplate Calligraphy:

  1. Introduction: become familiar with the pointed pen and learn basic strokes
  2. In depth analysis of Fundamental Strokes
  3. Lowercase letters: abcdef
  4. Lowercase letters: ghijklmn
  5. Lowercase letters: opqrs
  6. Lowercase letters: tuvwxyz
  7. Connecting letters & putting it all together 


Our Copperplate Calligraphy PDF Instant Download*



Paper - do NOT use regular copy paper or other thin paper - the ink will bleed.

Pen holder

You can visit our YouTube Channel or play the playlist below. Reach out if you have any questions!

*FYI - you don't need to have the PDF to follow along with the videos but it may be helpful for tracing and to keep for reference. Use the code TUTORIAL3  for $3 off!

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