After watching our Brush Lettering series or our Copperplate Calligraphy series, you know how to write all the letters in the alphabet. This next series will teach you how to connect letters to form words.

The pens used in this video series is the Pentel Sign Brush Pen. We love using this pen because it has a small flexible tip and comes in a variety of colors.


In these 6 videos, we will:

  • Learn the 4 exit strokes and 5 entrance strokes
  • Categorize all lowercase letters (including several variations) by their exit type and entrance type
  • Understand how to connect each exit stroke to each entrance stroke
  • Write some example words
  • Learn how to write the infamous word that many calligraphers use to practice
  • Review some helpful tips & tricks to remember when you are connecting letters

You can instantly download these exact strokes in our Connecting Letters PDF.

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